About UtahMillionaire.com

Our mission is to help millionaires and future millionaires understand the best strategies for keeping and growing wealth.

We are not financial planners, and we don’t want your money. We simply love to learn about where Utah millionaires are investing their wealth.

We’re small business owners who have figured out how to make and hold onto cash. Our experiences starting businesses have given us a unique perspective on money and investing. Through the years, we’ve read books on personal finance, worked with financial advisors, insurance agents, CPAs, and tax professionals. Some of these professionals provided excellent education, and others took advantage of us. Many of our successful friends have shared nervousness about working with financial professionals due to time and mistrust. Utahmillionaire.com is going to help by sharing precisely where Utah millionaires are investing. Utah is a special place. The business-friendly state is full of competitive professionals and entrepreneurs who have stories to share. Thirty-six thousand have already become millionaires. We want to know how they did it and learn from them.

We love America and the great state of Utah!

About The Founder

I have a family, a few companies, some investments, and a solid plan to be financially independent. I am one of those people who loves to study and talk about business and financial strategies. My friends often joke that all my conversations somehow end by talking business, the market, investment ideas, or some personal finance topic. I’m trying hard to balance the effort of growing wealth while making time for family, relationships, fun, and all the other demands life throws at me. My philosophy on money seems to change as I gain new experience and meet new and successful people. I imagine many of you reading this have felt the same way. How to enjoy the ride of life while planning for the future is my million dollar question.

  • Married father of 5
  • In my 40’s
  • BA Finance
  • Born in Utah but spent most of my life outside of state
  • Currently living in Salt Lake county
  • Favorite hobbies include: investing, mountain biking, hiking, shooting, smoking BBQ, travel, sports, exercise, Utes, service, O.U.R.

Enough about me. This website is dedicated to you the Utah Millionaire.