Top 10 Financial gurus of YouTube

Study these experts to get ahead

Best financial gurus on YouTube

Did you spend 100K or more on a bachelor’s degree? I’m sorry to say, but you may have overpaid for your education. College prices are going through the roof, but the actual teaching and personal financial preparation is suspect. In the real world, companies are looking for hard-working, likable professionals who know how to communicate. College does not teach these things effectively, and there are better ways to learn them. Many people are subscribing to YouTube channels to get quick and practical lessons on any subject. There is a large amount of content available for free on money and investing.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 YouTube financial guru’s for your education. You can watch or listen to these on your commute, while exercising, or on your work breaks. Here is what we suggest:

  1. Study one guru at a time until you understand or get sick of them.
  2. Create a video folder on YouTube and save your favorites. (share them too)
  3. Watch 2-3 videos per day without making excuses.
  4. Repeat this for several months, and you will be an expert in no time.  

Top 10 finance gurus on YouTube

  1. Dave Ramsey & company  
  2. The money guy show 
  3. Wealth Hacker- Jeff Rose
  4. Ryan Scribner 
  5. TFD- The financial diet
  6. Graham Stephan
  7. Marko- Whiteboard Finance
  8. TruFinancials
  9. Frugalchiclife
  10. Beat the bush

Some Utah Love- Jordan Page is growing an empire right here in Utah.  Check out her channel here


Honorable mention- This gentleman didn’t make our top 10 list but is worth mentioning. If you are into real estate, this is the best guy I’ve found to help you start.  Real Estate Asset Protection


There are a lot of opinions out there. Here are some other great sites that rank their favorite YouTube financial gurus.


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