So who is this Divvy company making noise?

I had two recommendations for this company in one week

Last Friday I had two different business owners randomly bring up Divvy in conversation.  They both flashed this funny looking credit card and told me the rewards will beat my Wells Fargo reward cards. As a business owner, this caught my attention.  Alex Bean and Blake Murray started Divvy and seem to be dominating the space.  I quickly asked my accounting team to investigate and before I knew it, Divvy had 40 cards in the hands of my sales team.  My controller is raging about the dashboard, apps and virtual credit card technology.  She loes it so much, she even suggested I drop my platinum American express so she doesn’t have multiple accounts to reconcile.  While I loved her enthusiasm, I tapped the brakes for now.

The onboarding process was on point.  The cards arrived on time, the activation was simple and the app is self-explanatory.  Five stars for a smooth transition.  I hear they are raising money, growing fast and entering new verticles. We love to see Utah companies winning. Divvy made headlines this week on the popular Tech Crunch website with this article.  It’s a must-read.  The Divvy website is pretty well done too.

If you know Alex or Blake, tell them about Utah Millionaire and invite them to share their story.  Thanks, Divvy


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